It’s international Yoga day today.  All across the world people are practicing Asana (postures) to celebrate.

*leans over to have another sip of wine*

I’m struggling.  I can’t go to as many Yoga classes as I would like and don’t even mention ‘self practice’ to me! Never mind putting my running shoes on.

BUT… (and currently mine is a large butt)…
every day for the last 22 months I have spent time with my son.  Time that I cherish so much more than a tight bum and thighs that don’t touch.  Time that, for me, is my UNION, my practice, my Yoga.

It’s been difficult to get to this point. There are moments I feel so disconnected from my body I could be a ghost. But when I pause, take a deep breathe, and marvel at the miracle of the little life growing, exploring, creating in front of me, that disconnection seems so trivial. It’s a small moment of dis-chord within the smallness of my ego.

Being a mom brings with it so many sacrifices I have lost count.  We need to take heart.  The sacrifices we make today are the heart-filling memories of time spent with our children that we will recall tomorrow.

Re-mind yourself of this mothers when you read about your friends achieving great things, or feel jealousy over peers succeeding where you have simply just not got the time to make the effort anymore.  Your practice (our practice) is this – be with your children whenever you can and savor every moment.


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