The Adventures Begin…

Running is for my husband Matt, the same as Yoga and meditation are for me.  They ground him, steady him, help him to clear his head. And so it is that we often find ourselves heading out on little adventures exploring corners of KZN that we would otherwise never venture into.

I recently approached Andrew Booth from KZN Trail Running to offer my Yoga teaching skills at a few of the stage races planned for 2017.  I am so excited to announce that this will be happening!

So you can join me at Three Cranes at the end of February, the Drakensberg Northern Trail in March, and Isimangaliso Wetlands challenge in July. I will offer appropriate Yoga to help ease tired and aching bodies and revitalise spirits and minds.

I believe there is so much that Yoga and Mindfulness can offer to trail runners (and all runners actually).

  • Keeping the body flexible reduces risk of injury.
  • Increased flexibility decreases stiffness, resulting in greater ease of movement and range of motion.
  • A long muscle is a strong muscle.
  • Improved balance and agility. Keeping the Klipspringers agile on their feet!
  • Improved breathing and potentially lung capacity.

Beyond the physical benefits of Yoga, Mindfulness meditation can also help

  • Increasing mental resilience
  • Improving self awareness – this enables you to better understand and listen to the body which can help prevent injury and help you find the best training strategy for your self.
  • Mindful running might just lead to mindful living – win win!

So if you have already entered Three Cranes, remember to bring your Yoga mat! (although a bath towel or blanket will also do just fine!)


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