My intention is to help others.  I teach Mindfulness through Yoga. Both practices have profoundly transformed my being in the pursuit of finding freedom from suffering.
For me the awareness of our mind-body connection is the only way we can live with presence, passion and purpose.


I completed my 200hr teachers training with Cherryl Duncan in 2008 at her (then) studio Living Yoga. I have since been teaching Hatha/Vinyasa in Durban for private, group and corporate classes.  I have also completed a 4 year Mindfulness Based Living Teachers training with Mindfulness Africa and Mindfulness Association. Among other things this training involved a number of 10 day silent retreats and specific teaching methodologies. Before completing this training I attended a number of 8 week Mindfulness Based Living courses.

I continue to grow and learn by attending as many workshops and retreats as I can. These have included: Tibetan Heart Yoga, Jivamukti (with Sharon Gannon and David Life) and Kundalini (with Gurumukh) Immersions, Acro Yoga, Ayruveda course, Childrens Yoga teacher training, Pre-natal workshops, 10 day silent retreats with Rob Nairn and Choden (co-author of Mindful Compassion).

I often facilitate retreats and courses at The Waterfall Retreat and Environmental Centre.


“Carey is a calm, reassuring, educated yoga instructor who encourages her students to extend beyond self imposed limitations. Her attitude is light but she directs the class firmly, completing a fully rounded class within the allocated time. I also personally enjoy Carey’s outlook on how yoga fits into life. I always leave Carey’s classes a happier, more relaxed human being.” September 2, 2012 — Natalie Jay, Flux Kettle-bell Instructor, Private Student, Durban

“Carey is a natural teacher / instructor. She understands the meaning behind and nature of the practice and gives her full focus to participants. She has a special talent in making everyone feel challenged and accomplished by the end of a class. I’ve been going to Suncoast’s outdoor class for 2 years and it quickly became a highlight of my week, setting the mental and spiritual tone for the end of the week and the beginning of the weekend. Namaste, Carey” — Claudine Basson, SunFit Student, Durban

“I have known Carey for 8 years as a student and practitioner of mindfulness, and as a co-instructor on retreats and friend. During the time I have known Carey and seen her develop from a mindfulness student into a Mindfulness Africa facilitator I have been struck by her ability to apply the practices of mindfulness, compassion and yoga into her life. Carey has a very authentic grounding presence and I deeply appreciate her ability to create a sense of safeness and honesty in a group environment because she teaches from her own experience and personal healing. This is so valuable to the group. Carey is also a fantastic yoga teacher and facilitates a variety of classes from very gentle mindful movement to stronger flows that are often the highlight of our retreats.

When Carey helps me to facilitate retreats she brings a warm grounding quality and helps not only the group to feel at ease but myself too. Because Carey has been on her own journey, she has a deep understanding, patience and caring for others. People feel safe around her. I believe Carey is fully capable of running courses and retreats on her own and that through her help and instruction she can assist people to live more meaningful lives.”

Kerri Martinaglia, Director of Waterfall Retreat & Environmental Centre & KZN Mindfulness Africa Coordinator


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